Radius Adult Toothbrush - Original Left Handed 1 Brush


Radius Adult Toothbrush - Original Left Handed 1 Brush

Barcode: 085178000090
Size: 1
Form: Brush

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Adult Toothbrush - Original Left Handed 1 Brush

Product Description

The RADIUS Original toothbrush is American Dental Association accepted for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque. The Original has an ergonomically designed handle that is available in right or left hand for accurate and improved brushing.

Why is the head so big?

Good question The Original has such a large head because its not your ordinary toothbrushits an entire MOUTHBRUSH The wide massaging head helps reduce chronic bleeding and receding gums. When you brush your teeth, you want to include your gums as well and the Original makes sure that youre reaching your entire mouth.

What about the bristles?

Its all about the bristles. There are 300% more bristles than competitors and they have a non-aligned layout to avoid tooth erosion. The Original has soft, premium bristles that are spread evenly over the large head for even applied pressure. You wont be neglecting any teeth with the Original

Can I purchase the Original with a medium bristle?

The Original is only available with a soft bristle.

Why does it look so different from every other toothbrush?

When you see the large head and angled neckyou know it can only be a RADIUS The beautiful, award-winning design of the Original has a right or left ergonomic handle that ensures the dentist recommended 45 angle of the bristles to teeth. The Easy-Grip Thumb and Palm design will reduce slippage while brushing and create an enjoyable brushing experience

Im left handed, can I use the Original?

Of course you can You can purchase a right or left handed Original.

How long does the Original last?

The wear and tear of a toothbrush really depends on the user and their brushing habits. Take into account how often you use your toothbrush and if youre considered a hard brusher. The Original lasts approximately 3x longer than an ordinary toothbrush and can last up to 9 months.

How can I sanitize or clean my toothbrush?

The Original should not go in the dishwasher. The high temperatures of the dishwasher will melt the cellulose plastic. RADIUS recommends cleaning your toothbrush in a solution that is 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide. Let the toothbrush sit in this mixture for approximately 10-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

What do dentists and orthodontists have to say?

Thats easythey love RADIUS The Original is American Dental Association Accepted for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque. The Original is also perfect for braces and is orthodontist recommended.

Is the Original safe to use?

Most definitely. RADIUS takes great care to make sure that we are manufacturing the best and safest products possible. As with all other RADIUS products, the Original is completely BPA-free.

Can a toothbrush be environmentally friendly?

Of course RADIUS prides itself not only on manufacturing premium oral care products, but doing so in a way that has a positive impact on our environment. The handle of the Original is made from 100% cellulose which comes from sustainable yield foreststhis means that the plastic is made from non-petroleum sources and is not using the limited fossil fuel supply in the world that cannot be reproduced.

Can I recycle the Original?

Absolutely The Original handle is a #7 plastic and can be recycled. Unfortunately the head of the toothbrush cannot be recycled due to the metal staples that are used to hold the bristles securely in place. In order to recycle the Original, the head would need to be cut off and thrown away while the handle can be recycled.

What about the packaging?

The packaging for the Original is 100% recyclable.

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