Nutribiotic Buffered C-500 250 Capsules


Nutribiotic Buffered C-500 250 Capsules

Barcode: 728177005115
Size: 250
Form: Capsule

Buffered Vitamin C Information

NutriBiotic Buffered Vitamin C, 500 mg possesses virtually all the benefits of Hypo-Aller C in a pre-measured dose. A convenient, small, easy to swallow capsule.

The manufacturing procedure for ascorbic acid natural source vitamin C involves a 15 step process.

Steps 1 thru 9 Starch Hydrolysis Vegetable starch is broken down into simple sugar D-Glucose by the action of heat and enzymes.

Step 10 Hydrogenation D-Glucose is converted into D-Sorbitol.

Step 11 Fermentation D Sorbitol is converted into L-Sorbose.

Step 12 Acetonation L-Sorbose is combined with an acid at low temperatures.

Step 13 Oxidation The product is then oxidized with a catalyst, acidified, washed and dried forming L-Gluconic Acid.

Step 14 Hydrolysis L-Gluconic Acid is treated with hydrochloric acid forming crude ascorbic acid.

Step 15 Recrystallization The crude ascorbic acid is filtered, purified and milled into a fine crystalline powder.

We use only 100% pure pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid USP-FCC which contains no corn residue, plant antigens, or protein impurities. Persons allergic to corn or yeast, or those who have difficulty with regular vitamin C, can use this product. The vitamin C in this product undergoes 900 analytical tests and quality checks to insure you the highest purity and consistent raw material obtainable. The minerals in this formula are blended with ascorbic acid, forming mineral ascorbates in a solution. All the minerals are mined from the earth.