Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts Eco Nuts Laundry Soap 100 Loads -Medium 6.5 oz Box

Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts Eco Nuts Laundry Soap 100 Loads -Medium 6.5 oz Box

Barcode: 861052000017
Size: 6.5 oz
Form: Box

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Eco Nuts Laundry Soap 100 Loads -Medium 6.5 oz Box

Do your laundry with Berries Eco Nuts are berries that grow on a tree and naturally contain a soap.

Award winning and certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Our soap nuts are both de-seeded and sterilized for consumer protection the only soap nuts on the market that are both

This is our regular Medium size. It is incredibly lightweight and economical at 12 cents a load Plus, we include two reusable wash bags so you can do multiple loads at once.

We suggest this in particular for the elderly, anyone in apartments or college kids who dont want to carry big heavy bottles of detergent up and down flights of stairs. Stay lightweight and you can be Eco Friendly at the same time

We guarantee our loads As with any natural product there can be some variations. If you ever feel you are not getting your loads, please contact us

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information. Note if you are using an HE front loading machine, we recommend our Liquid Detergent. Eco Nuts soap nuts will get the job done, but the liquid works better and is specially formulated for HE machines.